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Here you will find a growing collection of native substances. Each substance will take you on a field trip to a different part of Carter Land. Modeled off of Erowid's Experience Vault, we are looking for submissions of well-written reports about your field trip experiences. 


Since each field trip experience is unique, our intention is to create a tapestry of experiences to be shared. While Carter Land remains largely uncharted, we are looking for pioneers to explore.

We are looking for descriptions of mindset, enhancements/dosage, physical and mental effects, intentions, insights, problems, drug interactions, after effects, etc.

Not all reports that are submitted are selected for publication. Each report is reviewed, taking into consideration writing quality, interest, and usefulness of data. We have a backlog of reports awaiting review. Some reports are read and published within days, but in other cases, sometimes it can take a year or more for a submission to be reviewed. Please be patient.


A report is more likely to be published if it includes the following type of information:

  • Description of mindset & setting.

  • Details of any preparations made for the experience.

  • Dosage & timing information.

  • Notes on herbs or fungal supplements that were being taken at the time of the experience.

  • A description of the physical and mental effects experienced. Something more than a mention of how 'fucked up' you were.

A report is less likely to be published if it includes:

  • The use of the term "SWIM".

  • Language that describes what someone else will experience, rather than your own experience.

  • No paragraph breaks, no punctuation, lack of appropriate capitalization or spelling

Substance: Humans Are Balloons

Release Date: August 7th, 2020


I’m gonna try to explain my thought process. There are a few factors at play. On one level I’m assuming this perspective of the balloon floating off in the distance. From this vantage point I don’t see the individual human that let me go, I see everything all at once. This ride into the sky can’t go on forever. At a certain point I will pop. The air that made me float, everything inside, will eventually become one with the air outside. At this point I am one with the infinite. This inevitability is beautiful and something to be totally celebrated. At the same time, I’m assuming the perspective of the person on the ground letting myself go. As I become that speck that gets smaller and smaller as I move away, there is a certain presence and clarity. It’s not easy to let myself go but it’s necessary in order to become infinite.

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