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prologue for “IT’S NOT EVEN RAINING”

The candidate finds himself trapped within a snow globe called EBOLGWONS. This snow globe represents false reality, living in one’s own head, or being under the control of outside forces.

The snow globe is controlled by a program called The Weatherman that connects to the candidate’s neural system.

The Weatherman maintains the environment of EBOLGWONS by injecting yellow energy and blue energy represented by sun and rain. These are creative and destructive forces.

By dictating the weather, The Weatherman controls “how it is”. The Weatherman creates definition, context, and meaning.

The Weatherman represents outside influence, but more importantly, it represents Artificial Intelligence.

After a while, the candidate realizes that when the blue and yellow energies converge, they become green.

When the energy is green, The Weatherman’s power is weakened and the candidate’s strength increases.

Eventually the candidate fights the effects of The Weatherman and is able to ultimately escape EBOLGWONS and free himself.

Once free, the candidate, after experiencing artificial conditions for so long, finally exclaims to himself, “It’s Not Even Raining”.

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