Imagine you’re outside in the cold and you didn’t bring a warm enough coat. Teeth chattering, you’re shivering. You keep thinking “I’m so cold” replaying this phrase in your head over and over. The more you think about how cold you are the colder you feel. The more you repeat the phrase, the more miserable you become. What if you stopped for a second.


“I’m not cold. I’m not cold, my body is cold but I’m fine.” 


Through this process you can change your reality with a thought. 


By declaring “It’s Not Even Raining” I am shifting my reality from the gray malaise of where i am to a beautiful sunny day elsewhere. It may be all in my head but I’m able to enjoy myself there.


One of the goals of this exhibit is to highlight how malleable our perception of our experience can be. Which reality takes precedence? Which one is real? The reality where you’re cold or the reality where you’re fine? Is the you that is cold the same you that is actually fine? How do you know? Is there a difference? 


There is a perspective from which both (or all) of “you” can exist in symbiosis. 


Understanding this power and control we have to flip the switch and change our current perception of reality is important. We can use it to break the chains of psychological and physical colonization and incarceration by the dominator culture. 


This multimedia exhibit explores these themes as well as escapism, novelty, joy, and death.